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Kismet Analytic Corp. kismeta meta-data products and Services Description

Kismet Analytic Corp.

Fact Sheet


Kismet Analytic Corp. is a developer and manufacturer of advanced meta-data analysis tools, and a provider of data analysis services. Kismet is a young company, established in 1995, and incorporated by it founders as a Section C Corporation in Virginia, August 1, 1996.

Kismet Analytic Corp. provides the critical technology required to make sense of existing database structures that may be poorly understood and difficult to manage. The normative approach of our technology is ideal for identifying commonalities that can help establish the complete network of an enterprise's data relationships.

Kismet Analytic Corp. is the only developer of advanced meta-data analysis rationalization and indexing tools in our category. We complement, (and do not compete with) repository tools, reverse-engineering tools that generate logical meta-data, meta-data management tools, and data content analysis tools.


Kismet Analytic Corp. provides technology that automates the discovery, development and maintenance of a rationalized and unified view of the enterprise's data. We are in the business of helping clients transform their existing information assets into more accessible and valuable information assets.


KisMeta Validator (Personal Edition, V.1. December, 1997;

Enterprise Edition, V.1.1 March, 1998, V.1.1a July 1998, Build 10, Oct 1999)

KisMeta Analyst,, KisMeta Schemer (planned).


Automatic discovery, development and maintenance of a rationalized and unified view of the enterprise's data is essential for effective data warehouse design, database consolidation, information systems planning, and enterprise re-engineering. KisMeta Validator can help anyone responsible for coordinating and managing the information resource set and maintain data standards. KisMeta Analyst can find and identify relationships among hundreds of thousands of records and data elements based on an analysis of the name, alias names or descriptions, field lengths and datatypes, keys, allowed domains and other available evidence.

Database and Repository Administrators will know at a glance when the same information exists in multiple databases to analyze data redundancy/integrity.

Business Process Reengineers will appreciate a clear exposition of current systems' information content to help develop shareable data objects.

Warehouse and OLAP Specialists will have a quick and easy index to all enterprise data, whether warehouse or production. They will find the data they need and know what it means.

Information Strategy Planners and Architects will depend on the enterprise-wide view that the KisMeta conceptual schema helps provide.

End Users will benefit from more accurate meta-data since many end user query tools and Executive Information Systems tap directly into the meta-data index.


KisMeta uses several analytic techniques including lexical analysis, memonization, natural language interpretation techniques, and affinity analysis. "Best" identities and relationship probabilities are assessed with Bayesian and neural net technology. Hundreds of thousands of meta-data objects can be analyzed and indexed quickly and automatically.


The beta versions of both Validator and Analyst require Win95/NT, 486/66 +, 24M RAM +.


Kismet Analytic Corp. Also supports the KisMeta Validator and Analyst toolsets with comprehensive data analysis services. Kismet staff have extensive large-enterprise experience managing and executing a full range of tasks with intensive data modeling components, including:

While in Beta release, the Kismeta Analyst tool is only available "packaged" with consulting services (except for reviews).


PO Box 3218, Arlington 22203 VA --- 703-243-5445

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