Judith E. Stone works on Paper About the Artist
Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Judith E. Stone lived her young life in Great Neck, Long Island, a short train ride from Manhattan. Her parents' intense interest in all the arts - theater, music, dance, the visual arts, literature - led to weekly trips to New York City, to take advantage of the cultural riches available in that Mecca.. Stone attended Vassar College, where she earned a Magna cum laude B.A. degree in French Literature. She continued her language and literature studies at Harvard University's School of Education, earning an M.A.T. that, at the time, she thought would lead to a career in secondary education. Six years later, married with two small children, the artist moved laterally into another realm of the arts, ultimately dedicating three decades to the work on paper that has become the focus of her creative activity. A second master's degree, an M.F.A. in Printmaking and Drawing at the University of Colorado, Boulder, structured and nourished a lifelong affinity for drawing that forms the core of her mixed media body of work. By no means abandoning the passionate study of literature that defined her undergraduate years, the artist has, in addition, carried on a 30-year teaching career on university campuses in Denver, Philadelphia, Tokyo, and Burlington, Vermont, lecturing in American and British literature, as well as art, design, and architectural history, film, and history per se.

As eclectic as Stone's educational and professional vita is the artist's travel experience. She has lived in Paris, Accra, Ghana, and Tokyo, each for one year periods and has travelled extensively throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, and Taiwan. As her educational background suggests, she is familiar as well with the enormous range of topographical and cultural environments one can discover in the United States. It is indeed the breadth of observation made through travel, informed and enriched by near-obsessive reading, that provides much of the source material for her work.

Judith Stone lives and works in Burlington, Vermont with her husband, the scientist Donald Promish.