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Val KisMeta Validator

An automated intelligent Data Element Naming Convention validation and enforcement tool - an essential Data Administration and DBA's aid.
Enterprise Edition v. 1.1 - In commercial release since March, 1998. Personal Edition v. 1.1 also out.
V.1.1a maintenance release, July 1998, free upgrade available.
V.1.1a build 10, Oct 1999, free upgrade available.
V.1.b Jan 2000
XML version coming soon!

Meta-data/Object Label Standards

An Enforcement Tool. Ask for our white paper.
KISMeta Analyst An Automated Data Analysis, Rationalization, and Reverse Engineering Tool.


Flat file/COBOL reverse engineering tool now in Beta.

Press Releases

Jan 17, 2000. Validator V.1.1b announced.
July 7, 1998. Validator V.1.1a announced.
March 14, 1998. Validator Enterprise Edition V.1.1 announced.
February 4, 1998. Beta 2 of Validator Enterprise Edition announced.
December 2, 1997. Version 1.0 Release of Validator announced.

December 13, 1997. Beta Release of fdREVERSER announced.


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