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Detail of Tugh in the Turkenbeute, showing details of knotwork 'hitching'.






TughPoznan.jpg (462175 bytes) Poznan Tugh.

Tughs were often in color, but also black & white.  The Tatar tugh in Czestochowa Armory is also black&white.

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ancient mongol tughs.

My tugh project: Not hitched, rather woven.  

in construction

TughWork.JPG (49197 bytes)

The best single source on tughs and their history is Zugulski' Art in the Service of the Ottoman Empire

Tughs were quite ancient, used among Turkmen and Mongolian peoples. In the early Ottoman period, the Ottoman Emir used 2 tughs, and all other field officers and Beys used 1.

Later, the Sultan used 7, the grand vizer 5, beylerBeys 2, Beys and Orta commanders 1.

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