Reenactment of the Battle of Warsaw 1656  on the occasion of its 350th anniversary  


Sept 2 and 3, 2006 (Saturday and Sunday)  (with continuing events on Labor Day Monday and set up Friday evening).  

at the Polish Festival at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Doylestown PA  Directions:

main page :

This was a large battle fought over 3 days, won finally by the Swedish King Charles Gustav X and the Elector of Brandenburg Allies. History at:

Muster Master Rick Orli 703 528 5618

Master of Horse is Eric J.

rorli-at-mitre-dot-org (replace '-at-' with @ and '-dot-' with .)

A note about the 15 Retreat rooms (unknown mix of doubles, triples,
and singles)... They are like modern hotel rooms in every way but
they have no TVs and come equipped with a cross on the wall. Single
beds. However, we have to remember that they don't have a large
staff and that is mostly volunteer little old ladies and
krasnaludki. So we should leave the rooms reasonably clean. Beds
will not be made Saturday or Sunday AM! If I use a bed Friday night
with plans to stay in a tent Saturday, I'll bring my own sheets and
sleep over the cover, so that it will be clean made bed for whoever
needs it Saturday night.
I will take possession of the envelopes with the keys... I believe
they will all say 'Rick Orli'. If I know you are coming late I will
leave the envelope in the lobby with your name or group name on it.
If you get there and see an envelope marked 'name of my group here'
that may be a triple so you can use it to get into the room, but if
someone else is coming later make sure they either know your room
number or leave the envelope downstairs. You have my cell phone number.
The initial 15 room distribution is as follows, subject to change.
Group name, guess at count, rooms (The Names on the right are how I
will likely mark the envelope.) Those folks will then have to take
care of their group.
Swedes Brigade 7 Tartaglio, Aist
Admiral's 2 Art&Janet
Blackwells 1
Lucerne 3 Alister
McLeans 3  Guptil
SCA-SIG etc 4 Daria(Magdalena)
Suligowski's 0
Kazor 2 Kazor
Katski 4 Jacim
Czarniecki 8 Eric, Czarniecki 2,
Light Artillery 10 Schroeder, BOLA2, BOLA3, Reserve1
Silver Horde 2
WWII 5 Moore
Total 51... by this count with some guesses and non-confirms. I expect
44-50 including drop outs and New out-of-woodwork materializations.  I have no problems if other folks join us late or just for an afternoon.

Unofficial plan: The Light Artillery and Czarnicki's Div. will also host Saturday night dinner for everyone. (Late! not really starting until after 8PM close) this is a Pot Luck in case anyone else
wants to share their own 17th C. favorites, or beverage.

Note that only period-accurate stuff will be allowed in the main (public exhibition) camp - and not too much of that because there is so little space..  If people bring other gear we have a sort
of back-camp area planned in case we need that.  

My proposed schedule....  Saturday we may need to do effectively a dual battle - musket/cannons  first , later horses w/no firing.

This is the hokey totally made up schedule they invented and put into the program.  If in some small way we can adhere to this we should try.  I think they needed to fill it in 3 weeks ago, but I thought I gave her better info by then.


2. Inspection of weapons / Przegl d broni

- cannons, rifles, pistols / dzia a, karabiny, pistolety

2:00-3:00 Husaria presentation / Prezentacja Husari

- Inspection of Husaria horses / Inspekcja koni

- Preparation of Husaria weapons / Przygotowanie zbroi husarskiej

3:00-3:30 Preparation for Battle / Przygotowanie do Bitwy

3:30-5:00 Battle of Warsaw / Bitwa Warszawska

5:00-6:00 Meet the troops, photos / Zdj cia z wojskiem

6:00-7:30 Inspection of weapons / Przegl d broni

- cannons, rifles, pistols / dzia a, karabiny, pistolety


This picture shows the grounds.  Park around 'B' , enter 'C' and our space is 'A'.  The Big public indoor bathroom is E (other porta poties are nearer), the hotel-like rooms are at H.  If space A is to small for a battle, we can do it in the huge open field beyond D.

I think they did some changes so this is all up in the air.  For example, they may have moved the food service area (above the red P) to a different area, so this space may be all ours, or not - we'll see when we get there. 

 Assuming things are like last year:.  

VEHICLES enter at 'C' above.  In general you cannot enter between noon and 8 but exceptions to load and unload can be planned.  We can't have a lot of traffic so please coordinate with me.  

LATE WALK IN However, 'A' below marks an area where we can drive up to the fence and open the fence to walking traffic, and we can heft gear over the low fence and be quite close to the camp.  If you arrive during fair hours ('tween noon and 8 ) this is the recommend route.  If you don't have period gear on, expect to be challenged by security, but they will let you in if you explain.

Below the Red P marks the main public display area for the Polish camp.  with a couple of fly together to create a shade area, and a couple of tents open to the public.   Across it Blue S is the Swedish-Brandenburg camp display area.  I think the area next to it (Dark Green A) may be a good place for the WWII display (or across from it) The Light Green A and B are areas for the rest of the camp and tents, I don't intend these to be open to the public. Since many will be staying overnight in rooms, there should be fewer of these than normal. 

The purple areas are other exhibits. last year these were X sausage smoking, Y Gorale crafts and music/living history, Z is a small stage, and the other are things for kids -face painting, etc. W is the main semi-indoor stage.

Yellow outlines a possible battlefield - if too small we can do the big field instead.

See you there!
-Rick Orli
703-528-5618 (E)

( Historian/Author Richard Brzezinski was to be there with his new Winged Hussar Book ---sadly, he canceled.))