ui10.jpg (736174 bytes) Costume Illustrations by II. Holechoia  (done in the 19th C., and so may or may not be accurate.  Not much documentation is available for his sources.)   

More Polish-Lithuanian-Cossack costume

ui11.jpg (398691 bytes) Ukrainian noble girl (unmarried), wealthy, late 17th-early 18th C.

ui12.jpg (342327 bytes) Married Noblewoman, Mid 1600s

ui13.jpg (354360 bytes) Well-to-do married commoner, Late 1600s -early 1700s

ui15.jpg (387732 bytes) Cossack Hetman  17th C

UCossack1.jpg (181426 bytes)  (виборний- 'Select?') Cossack, around 1700

uy15.jpg (407361 bytes) Cossack, 17th C.

uy13.jpg (635683 bytes)  Cossack 18th C

ui16.jpg (349947 bytes) Ukrainian nobleman 17th C.

ui17.jpg (362795 bytes) Ukrainian Nobleman, late1600s-early 1700s

ui18.jpg (365939 bytes) Nobleman from Red Russia,  17th C.

ui20.jpg (311902 bytes) Red Russian nobleman, 17th C.

ui21a.jpg (413633 bytes) Lvow Townsman about 1600-1640

ui22.jpg (311240 bytes) Lvow Townswoman about 1620-1640

ui23.jpg (310479 bytes)  Lvow Townswoman early-mid 17th C. Western style

ui24.jpg (523215 bytes)early-mid 17th C.  Western style

ui_IX.jpg (152586 bytes) Hetman Bogdan Chelmenski

uiV.jpg (352696 bytes)

ui25.jpg (492128 bytes) льбібська married Townswoman, about 1700

UK1.jpg (399445 bytes) Cossack Colonel 17th C.

uk2.jpg (392199 bytes) Peasant i svyatkovomy mid 1600s

uk3.jpg (261575 bytes) Ukrainian Lady ("Panna") late 1600s, early 1700s

uk4.jpg (421503 bytes) Ukranian Lady 'Panna'

uk5.jpg (334333 bytes) Ukrainian noblewoman late 1600s -1700s (in league style costume?)

uk6.jpg (415103 bytes) Unmarried girl noble  mid-late 1600s

uk7.jpg (356984 bytes) Unmarried noble girl, 1700s