Polish Costume 16th C. Costume

Magdalena Bartkiewicz - Polish Costume to 1864

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Polish Costume 15th C.

Polish Costume 17th C. with text

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66 Yellow Szuba lined with fur; pants of two colors (see triangle-patterns above the knees)

67 Szuby (straight-cut kaftan outer coats with wide arms and fur linings)

68 Work kaftan 

A – tied with belt

b- short, cut in the front and back, with slashes on the elbows of the sleeve, white apron, legs of the pants of motley colors.








69 short men’s szuba lined with satin with navy-blue ties, which lining is seen as an even collar; under szuba is visible a sajan (men's kaftan with wide features, fashionable 2nd half of the 15th C. and early 16th C.) 





70. Szuby, haircut with long curls, under bonnets.

71Szuba of golden velvet with red, ties in navy blue, collar lined with green and brown fabric belt (listwami); kaftan with listwami; on feet yellow boots with dark-brown pates

72 Szuba of velvet, red with white fur collar and decorated sleeves, hat worn over bonnet.



73 Hungarian dress – reminiscent of polish giermak; hat in the form of a bag, hanging to the rear.






74 Giermak with pentlicami; a closed over the whole length and high kolpak; b – lined with fur.




75 German-Spanish dress of Zygmund Augustus decorated with ties and pinked cloth 76 Coat with Hanging arms over zupan.  Hat worn over cap.

77 Hungarian Legate to the court of Maximillian I. with cloths with arms fastened in the back with a tie, or the belt.





                                                   78 Polish dress 1533-1541



79 Hungarian cavalryman with short dolman tied with a belt of fabric with short delia


80. dress cavalryman without sleeves, over short zupan with high collar.

81 zupans with high collars, fur hats

82 Buttons in imitation of Turkish styles, from a zupan of Stephan Batory.

83 Townsman infantryman from a formation of town militia; delia with short arms fastened and decorated with pentlicami, Zupan with high collar, especially high in rear.

84 Ways in which the delia may be worn in the Polish manner of dress. Short light-colored zupans with dark pants.

  85. Kopieniak; a - cut in 1640


b- Kopieniak with arms decorated with slashes and passamentre, beginning of 17th C. 




86 Peasant dress; a - midget    b. Music man with pulled back kapocie with long arms and low collar

c - fisherman with pulled up pants and shirt belted at waist.

           Townswoman’s dresses.


          a- with long slee ves and light border notched and sleeves



          b – without sleeves, cut in front;



         c – green with brown border bodice and sleeves; white coif with yellow trim
















88 Outfit of the Italian queen Bony – dress of brocade with arms slashed on front and along the line of attachment to the bodice on the line of the shoulder, on hair a net “crinale” with a beret-like bonnet.



89 Dress of a wealthy lady:

   a – dress of Italian velvet of great ornament, cinched with narrow belt , collar “czentkami” ; on head a low laid-out white head-scarf (ranutch);

   b – szuba coat with zlotoglowiu (silk shot) lined with fur. Satin dress, sleeveless, arms of the shirt are bordered with cords of yellow fabric, on hat a bonnet of gold and pearls.






90 “Ksztawiy” a – with laid skirt, metal belt with protruding links


B – bordered decorated borta; skirt with small pleats, metal belt, visible arms of shirt with ruff, on head a chain of flowers.


91 Polish court dress.  On head garland of flowers. Petticoat with small pleats, trimmed with gold galoon.

92 Garlands of pearls and chains. Young woman's fashion.

93 hair decorated with garland chains of flowers.

  94 pearl edging.


95. Polish noblewoman with szuba with long decorated sleeves; petticoat pressed with small pleats and overlaying a fortugal; fur colpak worn over a headdress/shawl (podwiken) which covers the hair and chin. 



96. Poznan townswoman with petticoat laid out with pleats and a 'warmer' which covers wacie;  black fur kolpack over same type headdress. 


     97. Right, embroidery on rantuch headdress, on soft fabric similar to flannel.  


high colpak hat of black satin, finished with fur, over a rantuch.

Cap with fur, over rantuch.