Polish Costume 13-15th C. Costume tidbits

Magdalena Bartkiewicz - Polish Costume to 1864

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Court dress, over doublet, fur-lined okryce coat reaching the knees, 13th C. 

  Men's okryce with pentlic passamentre button-lace

35 Examples of pentlics on men's dress

36 Court clothes, halfcollar, 1238



Corded dress, cinched by a metal belt. Jacket listwan.  Bonnet  'kruseler'.

               Dress of type 'surcot', cut along the sides, covered by a jacket, bonnet 'kruseler' with small hanging things.  1350









Shoes from the 2nd half 15th C a-e trzewiki - slipper-like

f-h boots, with soft leather uppers.

Men's robe of type 'houppelande' with long, slit to the bottom sleeves, belt with metal pendants, beginning of 15th C