Jamestown the True Heroes, by Waldo, 1976, presents the following materials. The original was never made available to independent scholarship, and so the authenticity of this must be considered to be in question.  As far as this researcher can tell, it fits plausibly well with the facts as known, but should be considered a fake. 

Sigmund H. Uminski in "the Polish Pioneers in Virginia" 1974, analysis the circumstances of this document, and interviewed Waldo.  Waldo said that he only had an opportunity to see the supposed original in the hands of an antique book dealer, and was allowed only a short period of controlled assess, and was not really allowed to handle the document.  The document later was unavailable.  Therefore, Uminski was doubtful of the authenticity of this document (if I may paraphrase his summary) but held out the possibility that it may have been genuine.

-Rick Orli


The Story of the First Poles in America, Told in First Person.  

Zbigniew Stefanski

of Wloclawek

Memorialium Commercatoris

Diary of a Merchant


Includes Descriptions of Events During Travels in Foreign Countries Particularly France, England, and Virginia

For General Information and for the Glory of Poland, not for personal gain, a record of matters regarding human behavior and events witnessed beginning in the year of our lord 1605

Amsterdam, Published Privately by Andres Bicker

Anno Domini 1625


---The story of the first Poles in America, arriving in Jamestown VA, 1608. Stefanski was a merchant from a glassmaking family, and his associates included a master boatbuilder and carpenter.  The Poles were brought in by the direction of Captain Smith, to help save the floundering Jamestown colony through their technical expertise.   The original crew in 1607 were generally competent soldiers, but were ill-equipped to start a colony.

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From Jamestown the True Heros, by Waldo, 1976.

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