Equipment details from Hamza, Mugal/Persian late 1500s.

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HamAtRest.jpg (1163304 bytes) equipment hanging from tent pole, note saber belt/sznure wrapped around scabbard. Many pictures showed a pair of crossed sabers hanging with a shield, from a tent (or a wall as handy storage plus decoration.)

HamKalkan.jpg (96378 bytes) Note kalkan (shield) held as buckler, sword hanger from shoulder. Sometimes it was carried on the arm, but the great majority of times it is held as a buckler.

hamzas.jpg (322887 bytes) Kalkan again.  Note also the reins, shortened with a knot, on the horse's neck.

 hamWaistRein.jpg (509458 bytes)Kalkan again.  Note also the reins tucked into the belt.

hansznure.jpg (521535 bytes) Note Kalkan strap and sznure (cord) sword hanger.  At the joints of the cord, it may be either tied or with a little brass ring.