Czarniecki's Division

(Dwizwa Czarnieckiego)

A Recreated Military Unit of the 

Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth  1650-1683

Centered in the NJ/NY/CT/NH region

Including the Banner of Jasna Gora in PA

affiliated with the  Sienkiewicz Society

 Boleslav Orlicki's Light Artillery, Katski's Regiment, and Stefan Czarniecki's Division

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Pictures from Fort at 4, Charleston NH  Oct. 1,2,3, 2004

See  Boleslav Orlicki's Light Artillery, for Schedule and more information.

Now Recruiting for Military or Civilian Roles, Male or Female.

czar div action.jpg (98395 bytes)Left, The Division in Action, 1658

Right, His Excellency, Deputy Hetman Czarniecki

(a 'Great and Lucky Leader' - Pasek)

Some of The Guys At The CT Ren Faire, Oct. 2002.  Mark as light cavalry, Eric and Paul as winged hussars, Stefan as retainer in training, Don as Pancerni cavalry.

In Poland, 2008

EricPancerni with kids.jpg (50392 bytes)"


  Left, Eric demos the pancerni kit at an elementary school

We're descended from some minor princes, who owned only a few miserable villages. We were poor. Our servants were poor, our secretary was poor. Our overseers were poor. Our cooks were poor. Our tutors were poor. Our footmen were poor. Our horses were poor. Our greyhounds were poor. Everybody was poor."