Monkey's Fist

Make three turns round the hand.

Make three turns round the Start making turns passing outside
the middle of the first three turns. Complete the three second turns.






Make three more turns passing inside
the first set of turns and outside
the second set.

Tighten up the knot round a soft
core, e.g. a ball of ropeyarn.
Splice or whip the end to the

standing part


Trick Sennet


The Square Knot:


The outer cords make up two half hitches, the middle of which the filler cord runs through (a double filler cord is usually used). The following image shows one half hitch:




Reversing the order in which the next two outer cords are tied produces a square knot:


Tightening this knot up and repeating it along the filler cord creates the beginnings of a length of macramé; just continue knotting until the desired length is reached:


If the order of the half hitches is not reversed but they are tied the same each time, a spiral effect is automatically produced. Left or right spirals can be made depending on how the half hitches are tied.


The Square Knot Button:


tye three square knots...


...and then threading the filler cords from the working end back through the middle of the filler cords before the first




The filler cords are then pulled tight until a little ball is formed. A square knot is then tied immediately below the base of the button in order to secure it:

Leaving at least four centimeters of unknotted string either side of a button is most effective.