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Article: Polish Costume in the 17 C.

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Polish Costume 17th C. (Polski Ubior) M.B.

Stockholm Roll, 1605  

Matejko Costume Plates  


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ubioryXVIIw.jpg (118773 bytes) 17th C. Costume - illustration done 19th C. or later

SilesiaWo.jpg (14878 bytes) South-west dress - some German influence

family.jpg (12495 bytes)

it19Damska.jpg (28818 bytes)From the north west, early 17th C.

it40Damska.jpg (18012 bytes) Dress, jacket and bonnet 1647-1663

it50damska.jpg (21440 bytes) Dresses with short narzutkami, shirts (koszule) or coarse material with   small bonnets (czepki) of thicker gauze-like tissue fabric(tkanin). The men are wearing zupans.



KWomen1640_1680.jpg (18414 bytes) KWomanKrakow.jpg (25186 bytes)

Left, a 1640 and 1680-1690 costume.  Right, a

mid 17 century woman from Krakow.

ubioryXVIIw.jpg (118773 bytes) From a 20th C. costume book, the left woman seems to be in a 1630-40s outfit, and the right woman, seems to be a colored version of the 1680-1690 costume pictured right above.

Bartkiewic Says: Among the many of foreign extraction, who had not lived long in Poland, and
among the Royal court, the fashion was Western, following the Spanish mode.
This fashion was modified by German, French and Dutch influences.  See her article on womans fashion!

qferezja.jpg (21443 bytes)

qsukni.jpg (109669 bytes)

WmnCostume.GIF (81601 bytes)

Left, costume from the early to mid 17th C. The left two are in very upscale Polish costume.  The Queen is in a fashionable western outfit. (women of the court, most wealthier noble women, and townswomen wore western fashion in Poland,) 

Above, From John Speed's 1626 Map of Poland

From J. Hondius 1620 Map of Poland ... below Speed Poland 1630

1618dresses.jpg (446981 bytes)




             Fortuna (Kismet) from a 17th C. Polish illustration.  





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