Unit Objective

Our unit impression presents the material and military culture of mid 17th C Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland, for short). The contribution of Polish culture and arms to our civilization is not well known, and the innovative role played by artillery in her armies is virtually a secret - our educational mission is to correct this (while having a great time!).  Our presentation is an excellent way to introduce young people to our history - if you share this interest, help us. See Information for New Members.  (See pictures of our group.)

A Commonwealth unit offers a re-enactor an incredible degree of versatility in costume and arms, an army in which uniform was rare, and where the wealthy dressed to impress. A trooper in full Turkish armor and garb can stand next to an officer dressed in the latest Paris fashion without the least historical incongruity. This is an army that had cutting edge field artillery technology next to arqubusiers in the infantry and horse-archers in the Tarter ulans. Given the resources of the unit, we will place particular emphasis on the integrated role of the artillery, dragoons and cavalry in the Commonwealth armies. The specific period on which we focus is from the Deluge 1653 to the raising of the siege of Vienna, 1683

We are especially inspired by With Fire & Sword, Potop(’Deluge’)and the other classics by Nobel laureate, Henryk Sienkiewicz

RobertCannon.jpg (17963 bytes)What does it take to join us?  One needs a bit of passion for the history and pageantry of the period, as well as a sense of fun, and a willingness to get your hands dirty and to sweat the details.   Although experienced re-enactors and artisans are very welcome, you don't need reenactment experience or a bunch of gear right off; our group and allies have some great educational resources artilsm.jpg (103431 bytes)available to us.  If you have the right motivation and attitude, we have the patience and willingness to teach you what you need to know - hey, that's our unit objective!  And you don't have be Polish or Lithuanian or male or my age or be interested in military things or anything one thing else in particular!  There are many ways to participate, so drop us a note.   Also, if you are not from our area, but are interested in Slavic or Tatar or Turkish themes, please contact us anyway.

Camp Scenario  The year is 1634, 1655, 1658, , 1674, or 1683 fighting Swedes, Muscovites, Tatars, Cossacks or Turks ...(click for details). 

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EquipmentCannonRear.jpg (17043 bytes)

The bronze 2 pounder ‘Kismet.'   Typical of mid to late 17th C. Polish Guns. The carriage is typical of those used by the Polish light artillery at the time. The live fire shots are from the first day she was fired, March 10, 2001.                                                          Watch it go BOOM. (download .mpg file, 1.5 MB)

Other weapons include matchlock muskets, doglock carbines and pistols, rapiers, and Polish sabers and war hammers.

Applicable armor can be extremely varied, including plate, maile and scale, western and Turkish styles.

BreechBlock.JPG (73749 bytes) Our breechloading sister from MA.

Dragoons are truly mounted infantry, and can be outfitted as infantry. Dress can include western garb of the period as well as exotic eastern fashions. Uniform as such for the core artillery crew would be the livery of the Orlicki household. Coats would be long except for pre-1660 western fashion. By then the long coat, know as ‘Polish coat’ or 'Hungarian coat' had replaced the doublet and hose fashion even in Madrid and London. 

arqbussm.jpg (107535 bytes)Left, an Arquebuser, or western style cavalryPancerRotmiertzz.jpg (348459 bytes)

            Right, Rotmiestrz Buzinowski as a pancerni cossack, medium cavalry, wearing a Misiurka, a mail helmet in common use at our time


katski.gif (80564 bytes)Below left,  Marcin Katski, our very own General of Crown Artillery in 1683.  Having been in the service of Conde, he  is shown in western armor, and with a Charles II type wig or hairdo.   The Hungarian-style cravat was also in fashion in Paris.BannerArqbuser.jpg (36333 bytes)

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