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Official Costume

aga06.jpg (55503 bytes)MIlJudge05.jpg (60282 bytes)janoff02.jpg (57489 bytes) From a French illustrator of the late 16th C, three officer-types Aga, a judge (on the donkey) , Corbachi (Colonel)

Z1683Turk.jpg (85559 bytes) 

Turkish - 1683

Deli, bannerette, vizir, porte-wuntschuk, spahi, artillery, janissary, peik, captain (aga) of Janissaries, solak

In TURKISH CLOTHING, Piraye Yüksel Demircan says:
men wore outer items such as 'mintan', 'zıbın' (Kaftan), 'şalvar' (Pants), 'kuşak', 'potur' (short pants), 'entari' (kaftan); 

'kalpak' (fur caps), 'sarık' (turbans) on the head; 

'çarık', 'çizme'(boots), 'çedik' (socks), 'yemeni' (low shoes) on the feet.

The administrators and the wealthy wore caftans with fur lining and embroidery, where as the middle class wore 'cübbe', 'hırka' and the poor wore collarless 'cepken' or 'yelek' (vest).

Bashlyks were the most prominent accessories of social statues. While the people wore "külah's" covered with 'abani' or 'yemeni', the cream of the society wore bashlyks such as 'yusufi, örfi, katibi, kavaze', etc. During the rule of Süleyman a bashlyk called 'perişani' was popular as the Palace people valued bashlyks adorned with precious stones.

'Kavuk', however, was the most common type of bashlyk. For this reason, a related guild was formed in the 17th  century. Fur was a material of prestige in that period.

The clothing of Muslims, Christians, Jewish communities, clergy, tradesmen state and military officials were strictly regulated during the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent. "

The essential Janissary costume seem to have derived mostly from the Byzantine infantry dress of the 11-13th C.ByzanPreJanissary.jpg (389256 bytes) left, Byzantine precursors of early Janissary Dress.

scan0001.jpg (714263 bytes) late 15th C. Janissaries

GÖMLEK    shirt Jacket

Cepkan Vest

KUŞAK saber


From Costumi orientali, 2nd half 17th C.

pic1.jpg (96675 bytes) Osman - 1400s

pic13.jpg (77435 bytes)


Canteen otto41.jpeg (19394 bytes)  Canteen


BowcaseTurk.jpeg (31382 bytes) Bowcase

TurkishBoots17thC.jpeg (22394 bytes)  for more shoes and boots see Here.


ottobrasbelt3.jpg (24247 bytes)OttoBrassBelt.jpg (23147 bytes)

PenCase.jpeg (21727 bytes) pencase and inkpotflask7.jpg (106209 bytes)flask3.jpg (218327 bytes)flask2.jpg (182838 bytes)OttoDivitClose.jpg (60977 bytes)Ottoman_Divit.jpg (41073 bytes)


Janitschar in Rückenansicht/Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien


This pictures shows much interesting gear detail













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Costume details and Domestic items, e.g. buttons, belts, mugs, chairs



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