Reconstructing Tents and Camp - Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Cossack


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Turkish Shops              wpe69.jpg (29921 bytes) Camp


wpe67.jpg (33042 bytes) Interior

Turkish Tent Poles

This is my tent pole project, with a design based on existing poles.  Since some of those were (believe it or not) too fancy for my taste, I picked a design from a tent pattern panel.

First I made octagonal poles 7'8 inches tall.  I used the best pine 2x4 (or 2x3), and cut it 2 inches wide. That means I have a piece of wood 1.5x2.  Then I adjusted the table saw for 45 degrees, and trimmed off the edges, leaving an octagonal shape with a wider and narrower side.

Paint lighter base color using an oil enamel. (yellow in my case)

TPoles1s.JPG (21615 bytes)Apply masking tape for base design.

tpole2sJPG.jpg (25099 bytes)here I apply cutout 'tulip flowers'... no need for leavng mask for leaves which will be darker green.

Tpole3s.JPG (32531 bytes)

next step is to paint the top color with oil enamel (the red)

Peal off the tape.

There is a fair amount of touch up and detail work required, but that is the bulk of it,