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Light Artillery



Richard J. Orli, 2001    

For Information: Contact Rotmistrz Ryszard Buzanowski 



Camp Scenario

The year is 1655 and the Swedish army and their veteran German Czech and Polish regiments advance to lay siege to the Holy shrine of Czestochowa.  Just a few years ago the Commonwealth was the largest land empire in Europe, and our armies had enjoyed an almost unbroken succession of great battlefield victories for a hundred years.  Today, Warsaw has fallen, Kracow has fallen, the King is in exile. Many poles welcomed the Swedish king, but now feel betrayed and oppressed. Can Czestohowa and our puny guns resist alone? Only a miracle can save us.

OR... It's 1658, the Swedes have been driven out, and now we  join the Danes to help free them from their Swedes.

OR....The year is 1683 and we are on the way to attempt to relieve Vienna from the Turkish siege. A limber wheel was smashed, and until we can replace it and catch up with the army, our gun, crew, dragoon escort, and a few cavalry troopers with lame horses are sitting tight at a communications way station. Although we portray a mounted unit, our horsepower is safely locked within our Subaru ‘corral’ for now, but the tack and supply of oats, hay and horse dookey in our camp remind us that they are never far away. We are escorted by dragoons belonging to Marcin Katski's free company of dragoons, within Hetman Jablonowski's Divison.   Our commanding general of Artillery is Marcin Katski.

OR...we fight the Muscovites for the relief of the Siege of Smolensk, 1633.