Event:             School of Musketeer

Date:               May 3, 2003   Saturday       9 AM- 4PM

Place:               Marietta House Museum 5626 Bell Station Road, Glenn Dale MD

Contact:          Steve Alban,     9 Linden Place , Newark, DE 19702

(302) 832-2199

Are you cut out for 5 months full-immersion in Colonial House?   The thinking person's 'reality TV'. The PBS folks who brought you FRONTIER HOUSE and 1900 HOUSE are gearing up for COLONIAL HOUSE 1600s style.   They are looking for families and individuals to volunteer before Feb 28.  (Over 5000 families are expected to apply)  But before you quit your day job, you might want to first try our program!

Brief Event Description: The School of Musketeer is a day immersed in 1642, from rapier& dagger fencing to baking hard tack.  This is a truly unique adult education program with hands-on active participation. The military skills include pike, matchlock musket, cannon and civilian courses cover costume, victuals, moderne science, games, dance and music. 

(Hands-on means you DO IT  - that is, you load and fire a real 2-pounder blackpowder cannon kaBOOM!)

Public Welcome, Not-for-profit event (Fee: $46;  student $23  Bring a friend to either the Military or Civil track for $23. Advance registration required.)

More Information:

School of Musketeer is a full-day program experiencing the history and culture of 1642, and hands-on skills training ranging from rapier& dagger fencing to hat blocking.  This is a truly unique adult education program that teaches through active participation.

                            Arte Militarie
All day seminar including the necessary knowledge for captains and all brave soldiers of the "Foote bands".  Featuring hands-on instruction in the postures and use of the pike, matchlock and firelock musket, wheellock pistol, rapier&dagger fencing, field cannon, and more!

                             Civilian Arts
Featuring a participatory overview of civilian life in the time of the flowering of the Baroque arts and the founding of the American Colonies. Including costume, victuals, moderne science, games, commerce, social and courtship customs, arts, dance and music, and more!

Pick Your Favorite Course. Students may switch between tracks to take their favorite courses, but please specify your main interest for planning purposes. Specific class topics may change.

Highlights from a past Program

     Military Arts                                                     Civil Arts
     Formation                                                         Period Costume
     Rapier and Dagger fencing                                         Hat blocking
     Pike drill                                                                  Period Cooking
                            Picnic Lunch (included)          
     Musket drill                                                      Spinning, Dyeing
     Unit tactics                                                  Entertainment/Games
     History                                                             Theatrical fencing
     Money                                                             Barber/Surgeon
     Cannon drill                                                      Tour of site
     Field tactical                                                 Crime & Punishment

Marietta House is operated as a historical landmark by the Maryland National
Capitol Parks and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC).

A not for profit educational event sponsored by the M-NCPPC   The School of Musketeer was a highly successful program run for several years through 1996, each year attracting up to 100 students from the general public.

 gunssm.jpg (69764 bytes)Artillery.jpg (289203 bytes)Camp life, Darnell's Chance Upper Marlboro, MD 19953 Musketeers - no not those musketeers - but Earl of Essex's musketeers in tawney-orange coats

More Pictures.

Participating Living History Units: 

    Boleslaw's Orlicki's Light Artillery (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Northern Wars)

    Gustavus Adolphus' Lifeguard (Swedish Thirty Years War)

    King's Lifeguard (ECWA/English Civil Wars)


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