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Richard J. Orli, 2001


Further Reading:

First of all the wonderful   (Nobel Prize Winning) fiction of  Henryk Sienkiewicz

especially the excellent modern translation by Kuniczak. (1991) including:

- Fire & Sword - Set in the time of the the Cossack Rebellions, late 1640s

- The Deluge - Set in the time of the Swedish Invasions, 1650s

- Fire in the Step (Colonel W.)

The best histories in my opinion are:

The Northern Wars, 2000 Robert Frost

After the Deluge, Robert Frost

Polish Armies 1569-1696,
by Richard Brzezinski
(Osprey Press, Men-at-Arms Series, 1987.)

The Polish Way
by Adam Zamoyski
(Hippocrene Books, NY, NY, 1987)

The Memoirs of Jan Pasek, Translated by M. Swiecicka, The Kosciuszko Foundation Warsaw, 1978
A 17th C. Polish soldier speaks out - much valuable information for building a persona, a very violent persona.

A *wonderful* overview of Husars and other 1400-1645 Polish Military topics: GONE

Also http://www.kasprzyk.demon.co.uk/www/HistoryPolska.html

Also:GONE - Great pictures!


In Polish Language: napis2(1).gif (5884 bytes)

polMuskmal15.jpg (12700 bytes)A polArtmaleImage11.jpg (7076 bytes)Polish 17th C. reenactment group.  Gone

These guys seem comprehensive, with musketeers, pikemen, pancer and hussar cavalry, and an astonishing artillery arm: four  17th C. falconetts, two murder guns, and two 15th C. siege guns. maleImage9.jpeg (11122 bytes)malepika1.jpeg (12512 bytes)malehusar2.jpeg (12884 bytes)

Pancerni group


Registered Cossack Group


Another Polish group via Tomas Rejf  GONE

WWII Polish Reenactors, Paratroopers: http://members.tripod.com/Orzel1944/poland.html and 10th Dragoons, 1st Armored Division:

A hussar from Fire & SwordAhttp://www.ait.com.pl/konie/artur.html fns.jpg (6990 bytes)

Lithuania: http://www.lithuanian.net/resource/history.htm

More Lithuania: http://ausis.gf.vu.lt/eka/EWG/ewgtitulinis.htm and http://ausis.gf.vu.lt/eka/EWG/ewgtitulinis.htm

And Poles and Swedes and Danes...http://www.megalink.net/%7Edschorr/

And Turks - to the right a 'Tug' a horsehair field banner (like a Roman Eagle) captured by the Poles in 1683 Gone


     A captured 1683 Turkish tent in Berlin:   http://www.dhm.de/restauratoren/zelt/textengl.htm

     Turkish Military Music (Mether)  XII-XVII Cent. -turkMether.jpg (26664 bytes) Gone

     Lots of Mether MP3 (picture of mether band, to right) http://www.osmanli700.gen.tr/mehter/index.html

  Turkish, Mamaluke, Persian Fencing

And western Europe in the Age of the Sun King http://www.kipar.org/ (A British late 17th C. reenactment unit... great resources and a beautiful web site.)

Cossacks gone

Red Kaganate, a turko-mongol reenactment society http://www.geocities.com/kaganate/

Parabellum, a Russian Reenactor's magazine Gone

A comprehensive pre-19th C. Artillery Bibliography

Saber handling in Cavalry reenactments: http://www.militaryhorse.org

Links to many Cavarly reenactment groups: gone

Traditional Hungarian Saddle  http://www.extra.hu/filly/tiszaf.html

Saddle and Horsemanship manuals http://www.zip.com.au/~ldham/upsaddle/manuals.htm

Korean Horse Martial Arts http://nky.ms98.net/masang/

       and     http://www.chunghondang.com/movie/   especially see the ones starting with 'gi' for horse lance-work and horse archery

                                          - great stuff!

Id strongly do not recommend attempting to purchase sabers from Szczepan Twardoch's Polish Language Historical Fencing gone

(ask me why)

Traditional Archery http://www.atarn.org/

Polish Traditional Archery  http://bowtime.republika.pl/

Polish Traditional Archery - Polish and English Terms http://bowtime.republika.pl/slownik.html

HorseArchery www.horsearchery.org and http://www.horsearchery.co.uk/

A Polish medieval reenactor group http://www.bog.ask.net.pl/ Bractwo Orlich Gniazd (brothers of the eagle's nest)

Links to many other Polish reenactor groups http://www.draby.px.pl/linki/linki.htm

Napoleonic Polish Lancers http://www.polishlancers.com

An article about our group in a Polish Newpaper/Website http://wiadomosci.wp.pl/wiadomosc.html?z=Polonia&kat=952&_WID=165934

V. Vadic's Military art, nice hussars, etc. http://public.srce.hr/husar/pike-shot.htm


Cooking, Domestic Matters

        Eastern European Herbs http://www.lehigh.edu/~jahb/herbs/easterneuropeherbs.html

        Polish 17th C. Campfire Song BogaRodzica: Sheet-Music   and Video (5MB)

        Recipe for Bigos (hunter's stew): put stuff in pot, boil, simmer, season to taste, eat.  Modern interpertation of fresh cabbage, sourkraut, and sausage or ham is close enough, but none of these ingredients is necessary.

Food and Drink in Medieval Poland, Maria Dembinska, revised and adapted by William Woys Weaver; University of Pennsylvania Press 1999

Jan Stanislaw Bystron, Dzieje Obyczajow W Dawnej Polsce XVI-XVIII C. - book covering material culture in substantial detail. Chapters on games and amusements, death & funerals, family, costume, technology, military camps, transportation, crime and punishment, personal grooming, and more. (in Polish, 2 volumes, many nice illustrations)

History of Gesture - Includes a chapter on Poland of our period.

Links to my other related pages:

William Hope, The Complete Fencing Master, by Rick Orli, the Smallsword

Rapier Fencing - DiGrasse's 16th C. Manual  The Rapier

Rapier Basics Review: Movement, Measure, the Thrust, and the Cut.

Rapier Technique Demo

Commercial sites

with Polish armor, swords, or sabre information (we have no commercial connection with these, and do not endorse them!)

Eric's Hussar supply shop http://www.polishhussarsupply.com  Great source for all kinds of stuff!  OK, I do endorse Eric, he's one of us.

http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/patterns/polish.html Yes!! 

http://members.home.net/tomkaczor/ (does not answer inquiries)

Three Brothers/K+K Arts, (have seen some nice examples of their armor, chain mail and custom leatherwork) https://us.armouronline.com/home/products

Polish specialty shop: http://www.pulawy.net.pl/karabela/
kl01.jpeg (44861 bytes)

Books, real Swords, etc. http://www.CollectibleFirearms.comdhorsemen.homestead.com/winged_horsemen.html

Polish items, books, videos, including some armor and swords. http://www.polart.com/

Polish items, books, music, videos. http://www.polartcenter.com/

Hussar armor and other neat stuff,  contact Radek  http://strony.wp.pl/wp/radoslaw_sikora/WitrynaHtml/html/glowna.html

Polish swords from Poland, contact Rick

Silk Road Armory http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/3505/index.html

I urge you not to attempt to order from Armatharmart.antiquanova (ask me why!)

Bisok 'Polish Military Bows' http://www.krackow.com/index.html

Traditional Scandinavian Archery http://www.traditional-archery-scandinavia.com/

Wil. Wilson -Wheelock pistols and other 17th C. stuff http://www.infomagic.net/~gwylym/ta/ta.html

Sykes Sutlering - Wheelock pistols and other 17th C. stuff

John Buck, Muskets  www.musketmart.com


Misc. Polish Interest Links, some costume stuff: http://www.icbleu.org/artur/artspage.htmvslav.gif (11993 bytes)

Additional Polish Patterns (and great costume resources) are at: http://www.vertetsable.com/

More good Polish information and links - the SCA: http://www.mv.com/ipusers/heart/POLISHPAGE.HTM

A hussar, Leading the Charge at Califorinia RenFair : http://www.geocities.com/rik_fox/husaria/


http://www.ukrarmy.kiev.ua/ (they have an english option
see especially
http://www.koza.kiev.ua/img/kozstarshyny.jpg -cossacks
dragoon musket with sling and big wall gun with mount for wall or
tabor 17th C.
http://www.koza.kiev.ua/img/regalii.jpg 17th C. banner

Another site with some husaria materials:

Some pictures reproduced with kind permission of Polish Renaissance Warfare by S. A. Jasinskit.htm


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