eagle.gif (10501 bytes)Boleslav Orlicki’s fencing
Light ArtilleryLithPursuitA.gif (13621 bytes)          17th CENTURY   A Private Military Unit periodically in the service of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1633-1683, to Guard its Tranquility against the Depredations of The Turk, The Rus, The Tarter, The Swede, and Reactionary Forces Who Threaten the Peace and Prosperity of our Fatherland.

An arm of  the Sienkiewicz Society

The Original Polish Living History Group - RobertCannon.jpg (17963 bytes)First to portray accurate Hussars, Pancerni, and Infantry

Founded in MD/DC/VA area, our brother unit Katski's Regiment is centered around MI/ONT and Czarniecki's Division is in NJ/NY/CT/NH,  Banner Jasna Gora PA, The Lisowczycy and Cossacks in TX/AK/NY and AL, Choragiew Swiety Michal in IL


cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Objective

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Schedule

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Equipment Overview 

cans2.gif (1526 bytes) Gallery

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Polish Artillery in the 17th Century

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Horse Artillery in the 17th  Century? Really?

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Polish Artillery Design 

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Unit Weapon/Uniform Guidelines

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Unit Artillery Operations Manual and               

Drill Summary with Field Operations

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)dell 'Aqua's 16th C. Polish Artillery Manual

cans2.gif (1526 bytes) Siemienowicz 17th C. Polish Artillery Manual

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)More on 17th C. Polish Military and Cultural History

Equipment & Stuff

equips.jpg (5138 bytes)       Uniform and Costume Page   

  equips.jpg (5138 bytes)       Equipment/Weapon/Uniform Guidelines

  equips.jpg (5138 bytes)       Information for new members

  equips.jpg (5138 bytes)       Clothing Patterns  and How to

    equips.jpg (5138 bytes)        Cossack/Ukrainian Dress

   equips.jpg (5138 bytes)         Hungarian Dress 

   equips.jpg (5138 bytes)         Ottoman Dress   

   equips.jpg (5138 bytes)         Muscovite Dress

    equips.jpg (5138 bytes)         Costume Misc., buttons, etc.

   equips.jpg (5138 bytes)         Matejko Costume Plates

      husikS.gif (1503 bytes)    Inspirational Images  

Sabhandle.gif (1328 bytes)   Firearms

Sabhandle.gif (1328 bytes)   The Hussar's Lance - Kopia


equips.jpg (5138 bytes)   Jamestown Virginia, 1608

Hussars etc.

husikS.gif (1503 bytes)How the Hussars Fought

husikS.gif (1503 bytes)The High Price of Glory - costs of items (and list of items required to outfit a 'post')

cans2.gif (1526 bytes) Reenactment Battles: Hampden's Gallery  

Polish Language

Sabhandle.gif (1328 bytes)  Musket  drill.  

cans2.gif (1526 bytes)Polish Language Artillery and Field Drill  

           Polish Bow Terminology


equips.jpg (5138 bytes) Further Reading

BL00014A.gif (2115 bytes) 1812

HH01499A.gif (1090 bytes)Discussion Group Zagloba's Tavern


Sabhandle.gif (1328 bytes)    The Horse

Sabhandle.gif (1328 bytes)    Polish Saber (as Weapon) & Fencing

Sabhandle.gif (1328 bytes)    Koncerz & Palasz

 Sabhandle.gif (1328 bytes)   Short Lance from Horseback      

Great Battles

husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Orsha 1514  husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Lubiesow 1577

husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Kircholm 1605       husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Kluszyn 1610

husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Chocim 1621    husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Oliwa 1627

husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Yellow Waters 1648  husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Korsun1648

 husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Berest 1651  husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Batoh 1652 (new!)

  husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Warsaw 1656   husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Czestochowa, 1655  

husikS.gif (1503 bytes) Torun 1658  husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Chocim 1673  

husikS.gif (1503 bytes)Vienna 1683 (with Commonwealth order of battle) 




Battle of Konotop, 2009 Pictures     Rick troughTime

>>Schedule of Events  

Comments or questions? Want to sign up?  I'll be happy to hear from you:  Rick: a.k.a  Ryszard Buzanowski  Now accepting recruits for service as gun crew, supporting dragoons, sutlers and other auxiliary services.  Related impressions of cavalry, infantry and our Tartar allies and Turkish foes are also solicited. ll
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