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Images of Ottoman & Turkish Dress  Costume

Cavalry Military Uniforms                      

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82nd Orta


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Some equipments details from the Hamza


Turkish Costume

Early Cavalry

1LesArchers.jpeg (32287 bytes)

3Arabs1526.jpeg (51735 bytes) 3 arabs, 1526

3Haiden1526.jpg (58191 bytes) 3  Haiden 1526

3Mamaluks1526.jpg (59343 bytes) 3 mamaluks 1526

The Sultan 

From Costumi orientali, 2nd half 17th C.

Cavalry Standard

Shirt, inner and outer kaftan
Sabers and swords

1bsb00010547_00057.jpg (127205 bytes)\

1bsb00010547_00095.jpg (127657 bytes)

Turk1570Balz2.jpg (16679 bytes) Ottoman Cavalry, 1570, Balzas

 Banner1.jpeg (84223 bytes)Ottoman Cavalry, around 1634

Jsiphai.jpg (114806 bytes) and  1600 Siphai Cavalry

TurkSpahia.jpg (18244 bytes)


Siphai  Cavalry 1620s


Spahis.jpg (59322 bytes)

OttoCav.jpeg (56055 bytes)

mmgran.jpg (157059 bytes)  Graniczarow /Border men/ Possibly Bosnians or Hungarians in Ottoman service, around 1630s

Spachi1682Ptu.jpeg (31939 bytes)Spachi 1682 Ptuj

SpahisHegyiKlara.jpg (18258 bytes)Spahis Hegy Klara

ottoman2.jpeg (13896 bytes)

scan0023.jpg (222651 bytes)

scan0028.jpg (327728 bytes)

islamarms.gif (126575 bytes)


Other gear

TurkishBoots17thC.jpeg (22394 bytes)  Low Boots

Kalkan seeKankanc.jpeg (44879 bytes) http://r.jachim.home.comcast.net/kalkans.htm




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