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Images of Ottoman & Turkish Dress  Costume

Infantry -Azaps, Janissary and other Military Uniforms                     

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Ottoman Janissary Headgear

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82nd Orta Living History



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Some equipments details from the Hamza


Turkish Costume

pic1.jpg (96675 bytes) Osman - 1400s

pic13.jpg (77435 bytes)

BasiBazuks (prior to 1500)
Company of Guides (Crazies)
Azaps (archers/marines/garrison troops)


Segmen 34 Orta “Houndsmen” red boots
Cemaat 101 Orta “Assembly” (or “Community”) yellow booted officers, all garrisons
Boluk 61 Orta “Gardiners”
Cadet 34 Orta
Orta Ranks:
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1bsb00010547_00053.jpg (119602 bytes)

JBostan.jpg (102972 bytes) Janissary 1600 Bostani Corps

JSamsunc.jpg (122810 bytes) Janissary 1600 Samsunc Orta (Keeper of Dogs)

JJan3.jpg (108630 bytes)

JJanisNr1.jpeg (107324 bytes)Jjan1.jpeg (116980 bytes) Number 1 Janissary

JBaltagii.jpg (110969 bytes) Janissairy Baltagii

JHunter.jpg (109643 bytes) Janissary Hunter Orta 1600

JJanEgype.jpg (108823 bytes) Janissary Egyptian Orta

JStandard.jpeg (125242 bytes) Standard bearer

JHead.jpeg (140421 bytes) Taken head

JTrup.jpeg (116049 bytes)

JPriest.jpg (93110 bytes)  Priest

JSorbetci.jpg (101718 bytes) Corbetci - Orta Commander (Captain-Colonel)
history704.jpeg (7274 bytes)

Janissary7.jpeg (47770 bytes)JanissaryInfantry.jpeg (30801 bytes)

Janissary2682Ptuj.jpeg (26941 bytes) 1682, notice dogear cuffs, boot hose

 JanissaryShmitter.jpg (140263 bytes) 17th C. from Shmitter

Janitschar in Rückenansicht/Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien






This pictures shows much interesting gear detail







costume2.jpg (44791 bytes) 1680s

costume3.jpg (122087 bytes)1680s

costume1.jpg (39256 bytes)1680s

Costume4.jpg (131093 bytes)1680s

costume5.jpg (96336 bytes)1680s

costume6.jpg (99310 bytes)1680s