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Images of Ottoman & Turkish Dress  Costume

Artillery, Transport, Logistics, Camp, Dervishes and other Military Uniforms

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Infantry - Janissary and Azap

Ottoman Janissary Headgear and Footwear  

Artillery, Transport, Logistics and other Military Uniforms     

The Costumes Of Ottoman Women

Ottoman Patterns

Ottoman Firepower & Gear

Costume details and Domestic items Page, e.g. buttons, belts, mugs, chairs

82nd Orta

Janissary Photo Gallery



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Polish Firearms

Some equipments details from the Hamza



Transport and other Specialties


Jtopsus.jpg (132441 bytes) Artilleryman 'topsus' 1600 scan0007.jpg (576318 bytes)


khoumbaradjis.gif (115203 bytes) Ottoman Artillerymen 'Khoumbaradjis' (Bombardiers) 1800

Other Specialties 

Topsus (Artillery)
Top arabact (Artillery transport service)
Cebecis (Armorers)
(and an infantry regiment, also sappers/engineers)
Lagumcis miners/sappers
Transport services

IPriests and Dervishes

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JPriest.jpg (93110 bytes)  Priest


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Turkish Shops              wpe69.jpg (29921 bytes) Camp


wpe67.jpg (33042 bytes) Inerior





See The Costumes Of Ottoman Women

    Ottoman Men's Patterns