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Sienkiewicz Society


Demonstration of Military Arts of the Commonwealth at FALL IN! at Timonium Fairgrounds

Sponsored by HMGS  Nov. 15-16 2003

the Sienkiewicz Society, 501C

Including Boleslav Orlicki's Light Artillery MD/DC/VA area,  Katski's Regiment is centered around MI/ONT and Czarniecki's Division is in NJ/NY/CT/NH 

For Information: Contact Rick Orli 

a.k.a Rotmistrz Ryszard Buzanowski 

Brief Event Description:                      

Demonstration of horse archery and mounted 'winged hussar' lancers of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 17th C.

On Nov. 15-16 there was a demonstration of horse archery at Timonium State Fairgrounds near Baltimore MD. in conjunction with a demonstration of winged hussars and pancerni-cossack lancers, and is entertainment for a large historical miniatures convention, Fall-In! 

(Pictures marked * are by Charles Joseph, the rest are by rick orli or Don or Cindy Burkett #)

hussarbyChuckJosephP1010060.JPG (266234 bytes) Eric, hussar*          hussarchargebyChuckJoseph.JPG (154859 bytes) Jan charges home#

slice1.jpg (64651 bytes) Lukas on the swing  arrow.jpg (23251 bytes) & shooting the disc

PancerniLukS.JPG (80135 bytes) Lukas  pancerni /lance* janwarmingup.jpg (82475 bytes) Jan warming up

YellowbootsbyChuckJosephS.JPG (157935 bytes) yellow boots*         CostumeShowS.JPG (88713 bytes)  Costume show *
3riders.jpg (61620 bytes) 3 abreast #
  fallin03ihussars.jpg (28810 bytes) #


fallin03uPancerni.jpg (28413 bytes)  Don pancerni   don.jpg (28445 bytes) #

fallin03tcannon.jpg (31560 bytes) Cannon   FireCannonS.JPG (97739 bytes) Class Fire *

PikeFileS.JPG (65516 bytes) Pike Class*  PikeChargeS.JPG (84759 bytes)

  fallin03vmusketclass.jpg (31561 bytes)  Musket class*

PirateIntroS.JPG (99497 bytes) Priviteers* Cutlassclass1S.JPG (92325 bytes) cutlass class*

YngHussarS.JPG (70098 bytes)


Big .MPG Video Clip... 13M.  

We were especially pleased that Lukas Novotny, head instructor for the 2003 International Horse Archery Festival, demonstrated his skills for us in a special appearance. http://www.salukibow.com/  along with David Gray of Krakow Bow company http://www.krackow.com/easterneurope.html .M

Also many thanks to the HMGS at Fall In! for making this possible with their generosity.

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See more pictures from our  event 2 weeks before Fall-In!

Still more?  look at the historical background at Boleslav Orlicki's Light Artillery