Correspondence of the Siege

Czestochowa, 1655 

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Historical Background to the Siege

Based on material from Twierdza Jasna Gora (Jasna Gora Fortress) by Ryszard Henryk Bochenek, Bellona Publisher, 1997 (Translated by Rick Orli, (c) 2002) 

Kordieski.jpg (145180 bytes)The memoirs of  Prior Augustin Kordecki, fortress commander, were published in 1658 as Nova Gigantomacia in Carlo Monte Czestochoviensi in Latin. Prior and Commander in 1655, he was 51 years old. He wrote a faithful synthesis of the battle modeled after traditional battle reports.    Also parts are based on text from The Deluge by Henryk Sienkiewicz, Translated by W. S. Kuniczak, Published by Copernicus Society of America, copyright 1991 W.S. Kuniczak

(The novel - we strongly recommend the Kuniczak translation- is available from major e-bookstores (e.g. Albris), also specialty stores. )

Also, from 'Potop' (The Deluge), a wonderful movie by Jerzy Hoffman, 1976,Pauline Fathers Logo

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  Jan Casimir Vasa, 

  King of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth


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Jasna Gora, from late 1600s

pswedArtillyJG.jpg (51370 bytes)

        Right, The Swedes fire

                  -detail from Potop  

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Siege events up to Nov. 21, 1655


                                                   Right, Prior Kordecki