Vendor Information

Siege of Czestochowa, 1655, Doylestown PA, Labor Day Weekend, 2003

The deal with the vendors was worked out, and our folks will not be covered by the usual festival rules and high fees - just one low fee of $25 for the weekend. This is for 17th C. Sutlers only!! Other vendors must go through the normal Festival vendor application process. 

All vendors must be in period costume and must sell reasonably period-oriented goods.  We reserve final judgment on that matter, but we most likely know you and what you sell so that is not a likely issue. Vendors are not normally eligible for the unit stipend.

The fee does not apply to folks who want to sell a couple of pairs of hand knitted socks or whatever small items from their camp. So if you sell less than $200 worth of hand-craft or other true-to-period item, and the display of goods-for-sale is low profile, registration as a vendor is not required.

The festival usually attracts 5000-plus people on Saturday, 8000-plus on Sunday and 7000-plus on Monday. There are plenty of non-reenacting activities, music, food, and even a midway with rides for kids.

There will be over a hundred reenactors there as well.

17th C. Vendors will be placed along a 20 yard path leading from the food area to our camp.  All the food for the festival is served in this one area so everybody will be there at one time or another.

To register, please contact Rick Orli.  If I am unfamiliar with your shop, you may need to provide a detailed list of the goods you sell.