The Siege of Czestochowa, 1655 

A living History Event  


August 30-31 -Sept 1  Labor Day Weekend, 2003


Sienkiewicz Society

and the Westfalian Society


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Boleslav Orlicki’s Light Artillery

Is Proud to be the Host Unit for The Siege of Czestochowa, 1655

For Information contact: Rotmistrz Ryszard Buzinowski 


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The Shrine

Historical Backdrop

Its 1655 and the Swedish 'Deluge' is at its high water mark. Warsaw and Kracow have fallen, the Muscovites occupy half of Lithuania, the King and the remnants of his army are in exile, and resistance is feeble. The Swedish King Charles was once welcome by many Poles, but his armies have proven to be oppressive military invaders. After fighting Catholics for 30 years, they are ready to loot any churches they encounter, and commit other sorts of theft and rapine with regularity. Only the sacred monastery of Jasna Gora, at Czestochowa, is resisting. A powerful Swedish army lays siege. Then, as the weeks pass, a miracle. Not only is the monastery holding, but the example of resistance unites the Commonwealth, and within a year the invaders are driven back. See the movie or read the novel Potop (The Deluge, the Nobel Prize winning work by Henryk Sienkiewitz) for colorful details.

In 1655, the Swedish army was composed of all-Europe forces (mostly Germans, Poles, Czechs, plus some of most everything else Protestant like Scotch and Dutch and even English. Even some Swedes, although there were no Swedish regiments present). Their commander was a Czech. Defending the monastery were a few hundred Poles and Germans and whoever else present. There were minor partisan Polish activities outside the lines, which grew in strength and menace as the siege progressed, eventually seriously affecting the supply situation.

Follow this link to Siege history , Chronology, and detailed Order of Battle.

The Event - (This description is oriented toward spectators, rather than potential participants.  




For participant information click HERE  

The Siege complements a  Polish Lithuanian and Swedish-American festival, which features live music, dancing, crafts, and great food; plus amusements for kids of all ages.

The Siege event will be an exciting and colorful presentation of the history and culture of the mid 1600’s.   Over 200 living history folks will portray the defenders of the monastery: monks, nobles and peasants, and the cavalry, infantry, artillery and camp of the attacking Swedish army.  Participant will be in accurate 17th century style clothing: Polish style zupan and kontuz, and western style doublet and hose.  Equipment includes accurate arms and gear including matchlock muskets, bronze cannons, sabers, and rapiers.

There are three battlefield events planned: a field battle on Saturday afternoon about 2PM , a siege cannonade at 7PM , and a siege battle on Sunday 2PM .  Expect to see a dozen mounted cavalry including winged hussars, and a large battery of artillery that will be making a bit of noise and smoke for your entertainment.

Other field events will include parades, and demonstrations of cavalry exercises and musketry and other military arts. 

Our camp is also an authentic portrayal of 17th C. life, and will include demonstrations of civilian arts such as that of the weaver, cook, and barber-surgeon.

There are many ways to participate ‘hands on’, and games for the kids.

Schedule - Just a preliminary plan at this point!

Labor Day Weekend 2003

Friday evening

 We are considering some options...Showing of the 1976 Movie, The Deluge? a 17th C. Fashion show?

Saturday Aug 30 

  - Open at Noon

 - Camp and field demonstrations all day

  - Tactical 2PM-3PM. 

  - Cannonade 7PM-7:50PM

  - Public Leaves at 8PM

Sunday Aug 31 

 - Open at Noon

 -  Tactical 2PM-3PM

 - Close at 8PM

Monday Sept 1  

 - Open at Noon

 - Public leaves at 8PM

Saturday/Sunday  Sept 8  

- We expect to have a token presence the second weekend of the festival. 

Comments or questions? Want to Participate at the Siege? Can you help make it happen? 

contact  Rick Orli a.k.a Rotmistrz Ryszard Buzinowski

For participant information click HERE  

If you are not a reenactor and would like to participate:

We need you!  we can help get you into an outfit so that you can participate on the field.  we do have loaner gear, to a limited extent.  Also, we need volunteers to do other things, from carpentry work, to help with logistics to you-name-it.


  left, the Madonna as painted, by legend, 

   by the hand of St. Luke.





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