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ruinfpike.jpg (51761 bytes)\ Muscovite Pikemen  1653-54     

Infantry Caftan - Sukna- 1653ruscaftanl.jpg (63032 bytes)



 Buffcoat 'caftan' (labeled as a zupan in the article), 17th C. 

Passamentre peltcami buttons are gone.ruinfequip.jpg (23785 bytes)


Pike head, 1st half 17th C,

Swords, 2nd half 17th C,

Infantry Helmets, 2nf half 17th C.

above from Muscovite Foote in the 17th C. in Zeughaus Magazine No 1, 2002

Kossackgrearz2.jpeg (96322 bytes)Kossackgrearz3.jpeg (92772 bytes)  Gear    CossackBunchaks.gif (82166 bytes)     or.jpeg (92427 bytes)      

    f&s_kozak.jpeg (30860 bytes)   Fire & Sword


     HussarRuss.jpeg (27478 bytes)Muscovite Hussar

drzeworytXVII.jpeg (22652 bytes)zapar_cossack.jpeg (27904 bytes)17.jpeg (49313 bytes)voyaky.jpg (75825 bytes)  Ukraine Military through the Ages

max+popov.jpeg (80272 bytes)Cossack Reenactment group artillery

Stresli4.jpeg (58913 bytes)  Stresli

krus.jpg (48997 bytes) Russian infantry (1670), kupiec (1600), Boyar,

The last one to the right is a Cossack (mid 1600s).  The Ukrainian Cossacks would look more like Poles than  like Muscovites.

1600swomen.jpg (39365 bytes)UkrainWoman1.jpg (152956 bytes)Womanscostumel.jpeg (120536 bytes)

wpe5.jpg (15107 bytes) Ukrainians / Cossacks, 17th C Hetman, Polkovnik, Stotnick (Marshall, Colonel, Captain), Note that the overcoat would have sleeves, although these misleadingly look like capes.  Extra extra big fur collars are actually convertible to hoods.

m188_G.jpeg (942527 bytes) This  picture from the Osprey book contains a critical and consistent error -the left breast covers the right, like a modern men's suit jacket.  Details! the Right should cover the left!  See 'legal' styles of button arrangements at right. (really no exceptions known to this rule, though I suppose someone who had a zupan made by a 17th C. Paris tailor might get an odd surprise of this sort - look again at the original buffcoat above, the Muscovite infantry caftan drawn from an original, the hetman/col/captain picture, and all the Polish zupans and kontuzs.  Sad that such a nice if corny picture is so screwed up.)

wpe20.jpg (50332 bytes) This is a Polish infantryman, probably identical to Cossack infantrymen of the period. He is shown with an overcoat - kontuz-like.  This would be an obvious requirement during the colder half of the year, but I could see this item not being worn during the summer months.  However, it probably would have been worn for battle unless the temp was in the 90s.


kvsCover.jpg (169795 bytes)  Costume Illustrations -Costume of Ukraine Click Here!kvs38.jpg (165779 bytes)

ui10.jpg (736174 bytes) Costume Illustrations by II. Holechoia   Click Here! ui25.jpg (492128 bytes)

Ukrain2Cover.jpg (243773 bytes) Illustrations of Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian Dress from History of Ukrainian Costume, By Tamara Nickoleva (aren't these great!!)


Gals (unmarried) well-to-do townsfolk or peasants17th -18th C









zhin.gif (35244 bytes) Women (married) well-to-do townsfolk or peasants17-18th C.

gorodyany.gif (21049 bytes) Rich Townsfolk (Gorodyany) 16-17 th C.



gorodyany_.gif (25804 bytes) Rich townsmen 16th -17th C.\

 kozak.gif (27297 bytes)15-16th C.



kuptsi.gif (22231 bytes) Merchants 17-18th C.

selyany.gif (16177 bytes) Peasants  17-18th C.

UkGirls2.jpg (163552 bytes)  17-18th C.

zamozh_koz.gif (23071 bytes) Kozak elders 17-18th C.

shapky.gif (11294 bytes) hats ; the ones in the middle are late 17th C, the ones on the bottom are 18th C.

choboty.gif (5349 bytes) Boots/ Chobotychoboty_.gif (3686 bytes)            ladies        

wpe2F.gif (316714 bytes) Various 11-16th C  boots and shoes    uno28.jpg (128332 bytes)

uno23.jpg (217498 bytes)uno24.jpg (157298 bytes) A variety of shirts from after the 17th C.; the plain gusseted models are also OK for 17th C. I don't have any documentation supporting the full-embroidered front on 17th C. men's shirts - probably any embroidery would be simple decorative lines.

uno25.jpg (131846 bytes)uno26.jpg (123500 bytes) Various pants after 17thC; mostly OK for 17th C. also. NOTE!! So-called "Kosakins", pajama-cut puffy pants are not documented for the 17th C.!  That's a 19th C. stereotype. Puffy pants should be cut like the ones on the left panel..

uno27.jpg (45934 bytes) Barka/ Gunya outerwear suitable for rich and poor. Either sheepskin (usually, and always for the poor), or long hairy frezia cloth.

For more from Nickoleva from the 14th-16th C, click here!uno7.jpg (97701 bytes)  C.

1891_silver_belt_0.jpg (50164 bytes) Belts     

1891_silver_belt_01.jpg (69779 bytes)1891_silver_belt_05.jpg (88244 bytes)

khevsur-l1.jpeg (51375 bytes)khevsur-l2.jpeg (65681 bytes)khevsur-l4.jpeg (66874 bytes)

wpe1A.jpg (13240 bytes)

Cossackbanners.gif (75556 bytes)cossackbanner.jpeg (56498 bytes)buttonst.jpg (39575 bytes)

Wesele_kozackie.jpeg (74197 bytes)

Oboz_Zaporozcow.jpeg (97388 bytes)Czumak_ma.jpeg (100976 bytes)

cossacktactics.jpeg (71695 bytes)\\\cosCav13_b.jpeg (28945 bytes) E0105.jpeg (97069 bytes)

MusicSlasti50.jpg (104892 bytes)slasti53.jpg (125123 bytes)

shoven_m.jpeg (60654 bytes)chajka2-d.jpeg (24537 bytes) River Cossacks

These look like 18-19th C. Cossacks to me, except for the hetman.


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kozacy19thC.jpeg (29826 bytes) 19th C. Cossacks  1891_silver_belt_ref.jpg (45697 bytes)