Our new band of Cossacks  invites you to join us as founding members.
Anyone of any nationality, men and women, and kids age 8 up are welcome to join.  Our events are a mix of public cultural education, big boys playing with fun toys that go bang, and overnight camping boy&girl scout jamboree. There is no typical profile, but common characters in our groups include:

To Join: 

  For information about participating please contact: Rick  at 703 528 5618 (E)

Send your basic information (name, address, phone, email), interest in the group (type of participation you are considering); names of family members and friends you are bringing.

In general, this group will have no or small ( $20/year) membership dues.  It will have requirements about acquiring a basic kit within 9 months, and a complete kit within 18 months. 

The kit: we are putting together a list of items required for the kit, and possible sources. Reenacting is not a cheap hobby, especially if one picks a character that requires fancy dress, sabers, matchlocks, a horse, a truck to haul the horse, a barn and 30 acres for the horse.  It can be less expensive than many sports and hobbies, and, allied groups may help out by providing some loaner gear.

Classes in musketry, cannon, fencing, etc. will be scheduled this winter and spring.

Mens Kit - Infantry

Woman's Kit