1812 Artillery Drill  - for a light piece of 3-6 pds.

The crew is numbered and positioned as follows


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The jobs of 3 and 5 may be combined for a crew of five.  Stoddards manual has Number 6 both handle the powder charge and handle the fire seconds apart, which seems to be an obvious safety concern; therefore 6 shall tend the linstock only, and 4 shall tend the box, handle the charge and assist with the handspike to aim the piece when necessary.

1 - sponge, rammer, bricole (short drag line)

2- worm, bricole



5-  (Gunner)  Gunner's belt, thumbstall

6- (Gunner of the Left) Linstock


On gun; bucket, 3 handspikes, axe, implements



Parade! - Men to station, officer draws sword.

To- Action! -

2 Tampion out and lashed.  1 sponge at ready, horizontal, left foot out, head to left.

    3 Unhook and place bucket

6 Light linstock


2 Searches

Spunge, Tend-Vent!

1 Spunge, 2 prepares to recieve charge, 3 prepares to advance charge

Handle - Cartridge!

3 hands to 2, top towards him.


        2 enters cartridge,  1 rams  with two strokes


       3 (or 5) pricks & primes

Take- Aim!

     5 Directs, 3 and 4 swivel using the handspikes, if necessary. 



Advance & Retreat

Forward! Shorten -Bricoles!


Halt! To-Action!