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Enterprise Data Standards Validation and Enforcement

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Data standards are key for ensuring data consistency among many diverse systems and development teams, and allowing necessary compatibility among objects to promote reusability. Validator allows you to easily establish data conventions, and automatically enforces detailed conventions. XML is often touted as a syntax solution to data exchange, put it is only the start. To achieve the true potential benefits of XML, the objects within XML must also be syntactically and semantically standard. Our next version will have full XML import and export capabilities.

Download Evaluation Validator Software. (8MB)

Validator provides a convenient Windows form to allow data administrators to select from a wide variety of potential enforcement options. Standards have several facets:

Validator allows standards to be set for logical object and data element names, and allows for several sets of physical database-specific standards. One class can readily inherit from any other class.

After standards and valid terms lists are set Validator can change:


(assuming that ACCT and NBR are the "approved" abbreviations), or

* AG_ACCTNT_CTRL_NUM to Accounting Group Account Control Number, or

* Accounting Group Account Control Number to AG_ACCT_CTRL_NBR .

Also, validator reads and creates Case-seperator labels, such as EmpLastNme.

The importance of standards.

Data is an important asset to any enterprise. As an item with great value, it is appropriate that formal standards and guidelines should manage and control data. A well named data item should be meaningful without the need for a secondary source for identification or explanation.

Benefits include:

Validator can be used by a data administrator, database administrator or central information systems group to help set and enforce data standards. Once standards are set, It can be used by database administrators or by development project teams to keep on track.

Not a policeman, but a helper. Validator's job is to make your life easier, not more difficult. Validator does not just point out errors - it is smart enough to suggest corrections. Validator also publishes its own manual documenting your standards..

Validator is available in a full-featured Enterprise version with full standard-setting capabilities and 6 user licences for $1799. Additional validation-testing licences are $50 per user, packs of 6. A limited "personal/workgroup" version with standard-setting is also available for $179.

Discounted consulting and software bundled packages and site licences are also available.

Call 703-243-5445 or write/email to the address below to order.

The Enterprise Eddition is currently in commercial release. It is a Windows application available in a 32 bit version (Win 95 and NT). Validator requires 486-66, 16MB Ram, 11MB hard drive space.

Ask for our free Meta-data/object label enforcement white paper.

Download Evaluation Validator Software. (8MB)

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